Hi, I am Zechary Carls

Front-End Web Developer

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What I do

Front-End Development

Front End Development is building out the visual components of a website. Using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript for a website, or a web application, so that a user can see and interact with them directly.


Professional photography services for your website and digital marketing use. Introduce the world to your business with authentic, high-resolution photos of your team, locations, products, customers and events.


I use Photoshop to design different aspects of a website. I will often create my own designs to fit what is needed for a website or a picture.

My Work

Who I am

Front-End Web developer based out of Dayton, Ohio

Hello, I am Zechary Carls (pronounced the same way as if it had an a instead of an e). Almost everyone will spell my name wrong because every Zac is spelled in a unique way. I have many talents but I primarily focus on what I listed above this. I have been learning to become a Front-End web developer since 2018. I figured out that I wanted to become a web developer since I started working as a SOC (Secure Operations Center) Analyst or as some would say a Cybersecurity Analyst in 2017. I enjoy creating websites with code, using HTML & CSS. I also enjoy taking pictures and editing them. Although I am color-blind it does not hinder me from taking great pictures. Editing on the other hand can be a bit challenging due to the fact that I have a red/green colorblind impairment.

I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids. I often use my wife and kids as photography subjects to help me practice and get better with my photography. I often ask my wife for help with editing to make sure the colors look the correct way, sometimes I will edit a picture and not notice how red I made someone's face and I will have to restart on the color correction.

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My Work

Atomic Pixels Photography First Project Dice Game